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80 S 8th St
Minneapolis,  MN 55402

Phone: (612) 234-1360

Much like an actual firestorm, we started small. MyFirestorm, established in 2005, is an organization designed for motivated business networking professionals to meet, socialize, and pass referrals. Every new member and every lead passed was like fuel for the fire. Little by little the fire gains intensity and strength until it becomes a full-fledged tornado of fire! Firestorm is comprised of individuals who are committed to building their business by referrals and by networking, both socially and over the Internet. Firestorm groups and socials are typically composed of salespeople, entrepreneurs, business owners, and others whose business can be influenced by networking and referrals. Guests are always welcome at Firestorm Chapters and at Firestorm Socials. The goal of Firestorm Networking is to increase business for members!

Our members build long term business partnerships resulting in high quality referrals for new business!

Multiple chapters in Minnesota and South Florida. Inquire about starting a new chapter.

MyFirestorm helps our members grow their business by providing the framework and structure to build trusted relationships, while sharing quality referrals.

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Founded: 2005 in Minneapolis, MN by Chris Smith

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